Halo Bond⚡️2 second UV Adhesive
Halo Bond⚡️2 second UV Adhesive

Halo Bond⚡️2 second UV Adhesive

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Halo Bond⚡️2 second UV Adhesive

Maximize Your Lash Artistry with Halo Bond Adhesive

Elevate your lash applications to perfection with the Halo Bond Adhesive, expertly designed for seamless integration with the Halo LED Lash System. This versatile adhesive is not limited to our Halo system; it's fully compatible with various LED/UV Lash Systems, offering unparalleled flexibility in your lash artistry.

This is not like normal eyelash extension glue! You must use a UV light to cure this glue.

✨Instant Waterproof and Oil Resistance✨

Achieve confidence in every blink! Our Halo Bond Adhesive sets your lashes to be immediately resistant to water and oils, ensuring your lash extensions remain pristine under any condition.

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Unveiling the Adhesive of Tomorrow: Halo Bond

  • Retention Mastery: Enjoy an impressive hold of 10+ weeks, setting new standards in lash extension longevity.
  • Rapid Cure Time: With a cure time of merely 2 seconds, this adhesive facilitates a swift and efficient application process.
  • Optimal Consistency: The thin viscosity of our adhesive guarantees a smooth application without compromising bond strength.
  • Invisible Bonding: Clear in color, our adhesive ensures a natural look for your lash extensions, making them appear as your own.
  • Comfort in Every Blink: Experience minimal to no fumes for a more comfortable application and wear.
  • Flexibility Meets Strength: Designed to be both flexible and strong, our adhesive supports the natural lash movement while maintaining an unbreakable bond.
  • Instant Cure with UV: Specifically formulated for use with UV / LED lash systems, our adhesive cures instantly upon light activation, offering unmatched efficiency.
  • Maximized Shelf Life: Our adhesive is crafted to last, with an opened bottle shelf life of 3 months and an unopened bottle shelf life of 6 months, ensuring you get the most out of every drop.

Discover the ultimate solution for durable, invisible, and comfortable lash extensions with Halo Bond Adhesive. Whether you're enhancing your technique with the Halo LED Lash System or another LED/UV lash setup, our adhesive is designed to elevate your lash services to new heights.

Storage and Curing

Store the UV adhesive in an environment that does not have any contact with light (keep it in its bag), is dry and has a moderate temperature. Temperature and humidity do not affect curing of the UV glue from the light, but it can change the viscosity of the glue.

After dispensing the glue, you will want to "burp" the bottle to avoid clogging.


We want to emphasize that the use of eyelash extension glue carries inherent risks. We are not liable for any adverse reactions or side effects that may result from using our eyelash extension glue or any associated products. Proper application of eyelash extension glue requires training; we are not responsible for misuse or mishandling.

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