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About EvLo Lash Co - Lash Supplies - Located in Prosper, TX

EvLo Lash Co is about providing professional eyelash extension products to the North Dallas area.

We offer everything from eyelash extension adhesives, eyelash extensions, bonders, primers, and other lash essentials. We are located in Prosper, TX.

You can pick up your order, and we can also ship worldwide.

In addition to sell lash products, we also are passionate about offering education, so you can become the best eyelash extension artist.



About The Owner 

Hi! My name is Andrea. I've been in the beauty industry since 2016, and started doing lashes in 2017. But my journey started earlier than that! I originally went to beauty school in 2003, imagefeeling that it wasn't the right fit for me I decided to quit after completing 1/2 the course. After quitting, getting married, and having 2 kiddos, the desire to be apart of the beauty industry never leaved me. I yearned to go back. Once my youngest started kindergarten in 2016, this is when I was able to go back to school. With a reinvigoration for the beauty industry and a drive to pour into people's lives, to make them feel seen and beautiful, I graduated cosmetology school in 2017.  The day I graduated I was messaged by an acquaintance what had a salon available, and she needed to get out of the lease. She gave us the salon without needing any compensation. So, being new into the industry and with no "rules" of how I was to use my salon, I explored the many avenues of the beauty industry, and was intrigued by lash extensions. 

After researching the available classes and courses in my area, at the time I was located in Montana, I cam across a certification course. This course was a volume certification and noted it was great for people with no prior lashing experience. With confidence and no other knowledge of how one should proceed into lashing, I eagerly signed up for this course. It was a 1 day course in my hometown. When coming to this training I was excited to learn everything there was to learn about lash extensions, only to be disappointed that there was no direction with theory, chemistry, or really anything except for fan making, isolation, and vague placement demonstration. After taking my first model and only applying maybe 20 fans per eye in 3 full hours, and not really understanding what I was doing I went home and messaged a local lash trainer. Why did I not do this initially? I couldn't tell you. It could have been that she did not have any active classes listed and I didn't want to bother her... but in any case I now was grasping for any help. After 2 weeks of my first certification, I took her class and got certified in classic lashing. 

With a better understanding of lashing, some additional local support, as well as my determination, I continued lashing. During this time, I also was a hairstylist taking clients doing hair and still lashing as well. I had only been lashing 5 months, at this point still only doing classic and volume lashing, when a local lash artist moved away, providing a huge influx of lashing clients. This was one of the first times I had seen other lash artist work that was superior in retention and craft. I had looked up to this artist, with her gentle but firm educating clients of what good lashing is and what you should expect from your lashes. Her retention was something to revere. I was shook at how her lashes looked so full, with 1000% better retention than I was having. At this time in the lashing industry, just in 2018, people were not helping other lash artists out, gatekeeping their techniques and products used... but I reached out to her asking what she used. She told me she was using NovaLash adhesive. I was so thrilled she gave me this information! Like I said, I had reached out to other lash artist, only with having them not reply.

In June of 2018 I took this class. It was solely for the purpose to get the adhesive to be able to get the best retention. This course was $1,200 and the average adhesive was $150 per bottle! PER BOTTLE! But, for good retention this was worth it for me and my client's happiness. The biggest issue with this was the FUMES! This glue was SPICY! All of my clients burned when using this glue, but the retention was good so I kept using it, not entirely understanding what glue was the best for my clients and myself as an artist. It was at this point that I decided to quit doing hair and solely focus my energy and attention on lash extensions. 

Fast forward to January of 2020, I had been lashing, at this time, for 2 years and a few months. I had been asked several times to teach others to do lash extensions, but I did not think I had the understanding of lashing, chemistry, and all the theory needed to do this... until a lash brand reached out to ME! This is where I began my journey as a lash trainer. I had been training for a little, when I was not fully happy with the lack of chemistry or composition of the lash extensions. I began my own journey at creating my own training curriculum as well as supporting items for kits. In 2021 EvLo Lash Co and Trainings was born! The sole original purpose was to get items for lashing kits that would be less expensive and beef up the kits for my students, so they could get more bang for their buck, as well as getting adhesive at a great discount that not only proved to have good retention, but at an affordable rate. 

With an unquenched desire to learn about the chemistry and why things do what they do in the lashing industry has fueled my passion to searching all the new and innovative advances in this ever growing industry, hence UV Lashing. UV lashing was presented to me by my manufacturer several times. I was questioning about this, because as we will explore this topic, there are conversations about what UV lashing is and the potential risk to the skin. And, after exploration into the information I was able to come to the conclusion that it does not pose a risk to myself or my clients, which we will unfold in the next few chapters. 

Learning and using UV has transformed my career and taken my retention into the next level!