Too Legit Lash Adhesive - Fast Eyelash Extension Glue (2s)
Too Legit Lash Adhesive - Fast Eyelash Extension Glue (2s)
Too Legit Lash Adhesive - Fast Eyelash Extension Glue (2s)

Too Legit Lash Adhesive - Fast Eyelash Extension Glue (2s)

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Discover Unparalleled Hold with Too Legit Lash Adhesive

Introducing Too Legit Lash Adhesive, the eyelash extension glue that revolutionizes your lash application experience. Crafted for those who demand excellence, our adhesive offers exceptional retention, minimal fumes, and lightning-fast drying times. Embrace the confidence that comes with flawless, long-lasting lash extensions - Too Legit Lash Adhesive is about to become an indispensable part of your beauty toolkit.

Experience unmatched efficiency with our adhesive's rapid drying time of 1-2 seconds, depending on humidity levels. This precision allows for perfect lash placement, ensuring a secure and durable hold every time. For ultimate performance, complement your application with our recommended lash wash, primer, and bonder.

Optimized for 20-70% humidity conditions, Too Legit Eyelash Extension Adhesive minimizes the need for touch-ups, saving you time and enhancing your lash extension experience. Its versatility shines with volume and mega volume extensions, as well as pre/pro-made fans and classic lashes, providing a strong bond that lasts.

Designed exclusively for use by professional eyelash extension artists, this glue ensures a safe and effective application.

Key Features of Our Eyelash Extension Adhesive

  • Retention: Achieve up to 8 weeks of stunning retention.
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Fumes: Minimal
  • Flexibility: Maintains a flexible structure for a comfortable wear.
  • Humidity & Dry Times:
    • 60-75%: Immediate
    • 40-60%: 0.5-1 Seconds
    • 30-40%: 1-1.5 Seconds
    • Under 30%: 2 Seconds
  • Shelf Life: 30 days opened, 10 months unopened
  • Volume: 5ml

Achieve best results by preparing lashes with our Foaming Lash Wash and priming with EvLo Lash Primer. For enhanced retention, conclude with EvLo Lash Bonder.

Note: Results may vary based on proper lash preparation and application techniques. Only meant to be used by professional eyelash extension artists.

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We want to emphasize that the use of eyelash extension glue carries inherent risks. We are not liable for any adverse reactions or side effects that may result from using our eyelash extension glue or any associated products. Proper application of eyelash extension glue requires training; we are not responsible for misuse or mishandling.