Lash ✨ Magic ✨Wrap
Lash ✨ Magic ✨Wrap

Lash ✨ Magic ✨Wrap

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Lash Magic Wrap

Wrap it before you lash it.

Product Description: Introducing the Lash Magic Wrap, your ultimate solution for effortlessly creating stunning lash fans with ease and precision. Each pack contains 30 single-use wraps, meticulously designed to streamline your lashing process and deliver flawless results every time. Say goodbye to wasted lashes and precious time spent struggling to perfect your fans. With the Lash Magic Wrap, achieving picture-perfect lashes has never been simpler.


  • 30 count pack
  • Single-use wraps for hygiene and convenience
  • Sterile packaging ensures product safety
  • Includes fanning strips for effortless fan creation
  • Instantly blooms fans for you, saving time and effort
  • Don't waste lashes or time with the Lash Magic Wrap


  • What lashes does the Lash Magic Wrap work best with?

    • The Lash Magic Wrap works best with 0.05mm and 0.07mm lashes for the strip fanning method, and 0.03mm and 0.02mm lashes for the glue cup fanning method.
  • What tweezers work best with the Lash Magic Wrap?

    • All tweezers are compatible with the Magic Wrap, but we have seen the best results with thinner tweezers like our 90-degree or hook-type tweezers.