Eyelash Extension Primer

Eyelash Extension Primer

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EvLo Lash Eyelash Extension Primer

Prepare your clients' natural lashes for the perfect extension application with the EvLo Lash Eyelash Extension Primer. Specially formulated to deeply cleanse, this primer effortlessly removes makeup residue and natural oils, ensuring an optimal base for lash adhesive to bond. Achieve lasting lash beauty with a primer that sets the stage for flawless eyelash extensions. Ready, set, lash with confidence!

How to Use the Primer

For exceptional results, follow these simple steps:

  • Preparation: Ensure the client's eyes are thoroughly clean and free from any makeup.
  • Application: Using a micro brush or a lint-free applicator, gently apply the primer to both sides of the natural lashes and the lash line, covering them completely for maximum effectiveness.
  • Size: 15ml

Elevate your lash extension applications with the EvLo Lash Eyelash Extension Primer - the first step to a stunning, long-lasting lash look.

Note: Only meant to be used by professional eyelash extension artists.