Eyelash Extension Bonder

Eyelash Extension Bonder

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EvLo Lash Eyelash Extension Bonder

Experience the next level of eyelash extension care with EvLo Lash Eyelash Extension Bonder. Engineered for professionals, this innovative formula instantly polymerizes the adhesive, locking in the bond without shock curing. By sealing the adhesive, it significantly mitigates irritations and sensitivities, ensuring a comfortable experience for your clients. Plus, with the bond sealed, lashes are ready to brave water in just 3 minutes.

Directions for Unmatched Results:

After applying eyelash extensions, allow the adhesive to dry for 1 minute. Then, dispense a single drop of the bonder onto a microfiber brush and gently apply it to the adhesive bonding points. Remember, a little goes a long way – avoid oversaturating the lashes.

Why Choose EvLo Super Bonder?

  • Universal Compatibility: Works flawlessly with all adhesive types.
  • Economical: A single bottle serves 150 – 200 clients, offering great value. Bottle is 15ml.
  • Versatility: Perfect for both Classic and Volume Lashes.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Cures Cyanoacrylate, ensuring flexible, comfortable wear.
  • Maximized Retention: Extends lash life by up to 30%, keeping clients satisfied longer.
  • Irritation Reduction: Minimizes fumes, reducing client discomfort and sensitivity.
  • Efficient Sealing: Seals adhesives effectively without shock curing, enhancing comfort.
  • Immediate Water Exposure: Lashes can get wet just 3 minutes post-treatment, adding convenience.
  • Eliminates Need for Nanomisters/Nebulizers: Our Bodacious Bond technology starts the curing process from within, pushing humidity out for a tighter, more durable bond. This internal curing method seals the adhesive surface, trapping fumes and preventing the "burning" sensation associated with glue fumes. As a result, the bond retains its strength for longer, ensuring your clients enjoy their beautiful lashes with minimal discomfort.

Important Note: This product is exclusively designed for use by professional eyelash extension artists. Ensure optimal results and client satisfaction by incorporating EvLo Lash Eyelash Extension Bonder into your beauty toolkit.