Halo Hue⚡️1 second PURPLE UV Adhesive
Halo Hue⚡️1 second PURPLE UV Adhesive

Halo Hue⚡️1 second PURPLE UV Adhesive

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Halo Hue ⚡️1 second PURPLE UV Adhesive

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency with the Halo UV Lash System and elevate your lash application game with our first colored adhesive,  Halo Hue PURPLE UV Adhesive. Designed for professionals who demand speed without compromising on quality, our adhesive slashes the cure time to a mere 1 second, ensuring your lash sets are applied with unprecedented rapidity.

Optimized for use with the Halo UV Lash System, the Halo Hue Adhesive seamlessly integrates with other LED/UV Lash Systems as well. This is not your ordinary eyelash extension adhesive; its unique formula is specifically designed to cure exclusively under UV light, setting a new standard in the industry.

✨INSTANTLY WATER AND OIL PROOF✨, the Halo Hue Adhesive delivers durability and resilience against the elements, maintaining the perfect lash look under any condition.

Adhesive Details

  • Retention: Impressive 10+ weeks of flawless wear
  • Cure Time: Fast 1 second cure time
  • Viscosity: Medium-thin consistency for optimal control
  • Color: Purple, so you can see the adhesive you are working with!
  • Fumes: Minimal to none, ensuring a comfortable application experience
  • Structure: Flexible yet strong, for lashes that move naturally and hold firm
  • % Humidity & Dry Time: Perfectly calibrated for UV/LED Lash systems, offering instant cure with light activation
  • Shelf Life: 3 months once opened, 6 months unopened, preserving the highest quality with every use

Storage and Curing

Store the UV adhesive in an environment that does not have any contact with light (keep it in its bag), is dry and has a moderate temperature. Temperature and humidity do not affect curing of the UV glue from the light, but it can change the viscosity of the glue.

After dispensing the glue, you will want to "burp" the bottle to avoid clogging.

We want to emphasize that the use of eyelash extension glue carries inherent risks. We are not liable for any adverse reactions or side effects that may result from using our eyelash extension glue or any associated products. Proper application of eyelash extension glue requires training; we are not responsible for misuse or mishandling.

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