Halo Focus UV⚡️LED Lash Light

Halo Focus UV⚡️LED Lash Light

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*** Note this includes only the light. ***

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The Halo Focus UV LED Light takes lashing to the next level! Boasting a direct UV LED beam, aperture control, adjustable light intensity, a wide base for stability, locking wheels, and a whisper-quiet pedal control, experience effortless and precise lashing like never before. The long gooseneck ensures you can reach all areas without having to reposition the lamp. Get ready to Focus your UV Lashing with the newest addition to the Halo Family!


😇The most cutting edge system on the market😇

What's Included with LIGHT ONLY option:

  • Light: Halo Focus 5 foot LED lamp with flexible goose neck
    • Whisper Quiet remote foot pedal
    • Adjustable light output diameter (aperture)
    • Ability to adjust light intensity
    • Solid round lash base for light stand with lockable wheels
    • USB Power adapter
    • User Manual PDF delivered via email

Why You'll Love It

  • Adjustable Halo Diameter
  • Adjustable Light Intensity 
  • Fully cures in 1 second
  • Performs in ANY temperature and humidity
  • Up to 8 weeks lash retention
  • Little to no fumes
  • Great for sensitive clients
  • Speeds up lashing time by up to 30%

How to Use It

  1. Natural lashes should always be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed prior to lash extension application.
  2. Prior to opening Halo UV adhesive, shake the bottle for 30 seconds to ensure contents are fully mixed.
  3. Remove the cap and hold the bottle upside down. Squeeze a small drop of adhesive onto a jade/crystal stone or glue flower.
  4. Return to original position, gently squeeze to remove any excess adhesive in the nozzle and replace the cap.
  5. Dip lash extensions into the adhesive (classic or volume) and when placed onto the lash, activate the LED light 15cm (6 inches) away from the lash for 1 second to cure.
  6. Continue applying lash extensions until complete.

More Details

  • The Halo Lash System can be used in any environment regardless of temperature or humidity.
  • Always store Halo adhesive in the included UV resistant pouch when not in use to preserve the adhesive. Do not refrigerate.
  • Halo adhesive has a shelf life of up to 3 months opened and 6 months unopened.

Technical Specifications

  • UVA wave length: 395-400nm
  • Power: 5W
  • Input: 5V-1A
  • Material: Aluminum, silicone, metal
  • Operation: Remote foot pedal
  • Color: Black

Safety Certifications

3rd Party Testing Certificate: ICE62471

  • FCC Certified
  • CE EMC Certified
  • ROHS Certified
  • LVD Certified


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