Halo UV Lash System

Halo UV Lash System

Halo UV: Revolutionizing Professional Eyelash Extensions

Welcome to the Halo UV Lashing System – a groundbreaking suite of products designed to transform your eyelash extension experience. Embrace the brilliance of our UV LED technology, from our luminous lighting solutions to our innovative UV-sensitive adhesives. Discover everything you need to elevate your service to the next level.

Experience the Halo UV Advantage:

  • Extended Wear: Enjoy flawless eyelash extensions for up to 8 weeks, thanks to our superior bonding technology.
  • Efficiency Boost: Cut application time by up to 30% without sacrificing quality, allowing for more client bookings and increased revenue.
  • Minimized Irritation: Our advanced formula reduces fumes significantly, offering a more comfortable experience for both technician and client.
  • Enhanced Safety: Our UV adhesives are specifically formulated to minimize allergic reactions, making them a safer choice for sensitive clients.

Step into a new era of eyelash extension technology with Halo UV. Redefine your expectations and deliver unparalleled results to your clients. Explore our products today and witness the transformation in your professional lashing services.

UV Eyelash Extension Light Options

  • Halo Focus Light: This is our heaviest light, offering additional brightness and placement options.
  • Halo UV Light: Our original UV light that cures our UV adhesives.

View our FAQ that goes through some common questions.