Mega volume lashes doesn’t mean you have to have mega full lashes.


mega volume lashes dont have to mean mega full


Mega volume got its name because you can achieve a mega full volume look with super fine lashes. But, once you start lashing more and more with mega volume lashes, you will find that you have so much creative freedom. From different lash maps, looks you can create, to custom fullness for even the most conservative looks. 

When you see how mega volume lashes are healthy for the lashes, you know that the maximum you want to put on a natural lash is 25D (for .02mm lash extensions). This does not mean that every lash needs to have 25 fibers per fan! You can create a full look for compromised lashes using 10D and get a beautiful full look. 


Mega Volume fan isolation 

A huge advantage of using mega volume lashes is you can create darker lash looks, so when the lashes shed naturally the fans remaining will help fill in the area. Your client will feel full even until their lash fill 2-3 weeks later.

Another advantage of using mega volume lashes as opposed to volume lashes is you can achieve a darker fuller look on even the most compromised lashes. This is great for people that want to have a fuller look and either their natural lashes are broken due to poor lashing by another lash artist, the client has weak follicles (lashes pull out and shed easily), or you have an older client and their lashes are thinner and shorter. These types of clients would benefit greatly with mega volume lashes. 

How can you lash with mega volume lashes and create such unique distinct looks?

With the use of lash mapping and lashing in layers you can achieve so many amazing lash looks. Lash mapping is referred to mapping the eye in a look you want to create. By using lash mapping you can clearly see where certain lengths will be. Therefore, creating a cohesive and symmetric shape between both eyes. Within the lash mapping, there is something referred to lashing in layers. Lashing in layers refers to utilizing the different layers of the lashes to help create your look. Most all eyes have 2-4 layers of lashes, think of shark’s teeth. Much like the jaw of the shark, the lash line has layers. Most common lashing practices utilize longer lengths on the top layer and shorter lengths on the bottom. When lashing in layers, you will map out 2-3 lash maps to create one look. 

For example, this bottom picture is lashed entirely with .02 mega volume lashes. Placing spikes  (closed fans of about 10D .02mm DD curl) in 14-17mm were placed on the top layer. Making sure to place about 13+ spikes evenly spaced on that layer. Keep in mind at this point not all the top layer lashes have lash extensions on them. In between the spikes, open airy fans of the same dimension, 10D, were placed also on the top layer about 2-3mm shorter than the spikes (11-15mm). Once all of that was placed, the bottom layer and the remaining lashes were lashed 2mm shorter than the airy fans. By utilizing your lashing mirror while you lash, you can check to make sure you are achieving the look you want and adjust accordingly. Is it looking too full or not full enough?

The lashing possibilities are endless with mega volume lashes, the only thing holding you back is your creativity.

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