Mega Volume Lash: Why Quality Products Matter

Mega Volume Lash, why quality products matter

Whether you have been lashing for a while or are looking into lashing, you will find there are many lash supply companies out there.

And one of the first choices you will need to make is choosing which eyelash extension to go with.

When choosing what and where you buy your professional lash extensions, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What makes this eyelash extension supplier different?
  • What are the lashes made of?
  • Why should I choose one over the other?
  • Why does quality matter and what do high quality lashes look like?

Types of Eyelash Extensions

When you are looking into lashes and the fibers they are made of, you will see different types of lashes and lash fibers.

  • Cashmere
  • Silk
  • Synthetic
  • Mink
  • Faux Mink
  • Etc.

Most of the professional lash extensions on the market are a synthetic fiber (called PBT or polybutylene terephthalate)... the one exception being Mink lashes. 

For ethical reasons, I don’t like using Mink eyelash extensions. They are also more expensive. Mink lashes are made from the mink animal, they are expensive, inhumane, and lose their curl easily.

For the other lashes on the market they are synthetically produced and heat curled. They are vegan, not tested on animals, no animal byproducts used in the production, and they are affordable to produce in comparison to Mink lashes.

But just because an eyelash is synthetically produced, doesn’t mean they all are high quality. Some, for example, have a higher heat tolerance than others and won’t straighten as easily. But keep in mind, since all synthetic lashes are heat curled, it is possible they can be heat straightened in certain conditions (even the best of the best). Some examples of how they could get straightened: blow dryer, steamer (barista), ovens, and other high heat sources can even cause problems with high quality lashes.

When using synthetic eyelash extensions, I suggest finding one that can withstand normal day to day wear and not straighten. So they should be able to handle taking a shower and hotter outside temperatures.

I do suggest you find a high quality synthetic lash extension.

How to find high quality synthetic eyelash extensions?

Buying from a reputable lash company that tests their products before selling them is a big factor. Some companies do not first test their products with real world eyelash stylists. Make sure you are buying from a company that is tested by lash artists. 

One factor to look for is if the company that is selling the extensions… are they run by a lash artist? If so, that is a really good sign, as they most likely use their own products. In these cases they are actual lash artists that are sourcing their products, testing them, and determining whether they will stand up to typical daily life. 

Once you find a company you like, the only way to know for sure if they are good products is to try them out on your clients. You can also look for reviews to see what others are saying about that product.

Unless you know the owner/lash artist of the company directly, you won’t be able to see real world results without seeing them on your clients. And sometimes that can be difficult if they come back for a fill and most of their lashes have straightened! That is not a pleasant experience to have. You have to decide whether to fill and let the straight lashes stay, or do a full removal and start fresh with lashes you know will hold their curl.

Amazon or Overseas Lash Supplies

When you are looking at buying from Amazon or Alibaba/Aliexpress, it can seem attractive to buy from them because their lash prices are cheaper or you can get them within days with Prime.

We all are looking for a smaller overhead, so getting lashes at a slashed price seems like a good idea. 

A few reasons I would shy away from these options unless you are in a real pinch, from someone that has purchased from these sites. The biggest risk is a drop in quality. The products seem to have great reviews, but when you look the reviews are for something else entirely. This is because on sites like Amazon they can use the same listing and roll over the reviews for another product entirely. Also, are those reviews purchased reviews or legit purchasers of the product? I digress.. The product looks like it might be quality, but when it comes it might be okay to apply... but why are the lashes straight when they come back in? Refer to the above about the fiber choices. Cheaper quality=straight lashes. With sites like Alibaba or Aliexpress, you risk a bait and switch scenario. They talk a good game, but do you get the product as promised?  What if they take your money and don't send any products? Then you are left with contacting your credit card company or bank to refute these charges. Another thing that can happen is you get these products but they just don't hold up with their quality. This has happened to me, put the lashes on and 2-3 weeks later they come back with straight lashes. Yes, the same that happened to me with Amazon. When you are buying from these companies you have no way to get a fix or money back for the poor quality of products. You get what you get. This is one big reason I do not buy from these type of retailers.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

It is especially necessary to find quality mega volume lashes that wont lose their curl. Since the lashes are super fine they are more susceptible to straightening. You don’t want to do all the work of a full set to have your client come back for their fill 2-3 weeks later with straight lashes. That is the ultimate nightmare!

Another thing you will find with quality mega volume lashes is they are super black… they won't have a blue tint to them. You will also see that the fibers are all straight and not bent or kinked. With enough experience, you start to learn what to look for. You want your lashes straight from root to tip. They will look more symmetric and intentional vs frazzled looking.

I really set out to find top quality mega volume lash extensions to use with my clients, and I decided to create my own lash brand of high quality lash products. Take a look at my Mega Volume Lash Extension products.

What about high quality lash adhesive?

We talked about the quality of lashes, but why does the quality of professional lash glue matter? 

What constitutes a low quality adhesive vs a high quality?

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Viscosity: This is the thickness of the glue. Based on your application, you don't want the lash glue to be too thin or thick. Can cause "stickies" if it isn't the correct viscosity.
  • High Retention Lash Glue: Always look for a lash glue that has a retention of 8+ weeks. You only want the lashes to fall out when the natural lash sheds, and not because the bond breaks! This will make your clients happy by increasing the time between lash extension fills.
  • Adhesive Fumes: Too high fumes can cause your clients eyes to burn or water, making application difficult. But some that have really low fumes can also be weaker lash glues. So you want to find the right lash glue for your application technique.

Quality of Cyanoacrylates

The main ingredient in all professional eyelash extension adhesives is Cyanoacrylate. This ingredient is responsible for the strength of the adhesive and what makes it “grab” onto the natural lash and dry as quickly as 0.5 seconds. Some of these Cyanoacrylates include: 

  • Methyl-Cyanoacrylate- The weakest and most toxic of the Cyanoacrylates. Used in original eyelash extension adhesives. Is not temperature, humidity, and oil resistant. 
  • Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate- Found in most modern adhesive formulations. Gives the best, most elastic bond. Once cured, it is temperature, humidity, and oil resistant. 
  • Alkyl-Cyanoacrylate- an additive in some adhesives reducing fumes. On its own, it is very weak. 

When looking for an adhesive looking at what cyanoacrylate is necessary. Looking for Ethyl or Ethyl-2 Cyanoacrylate, which has the best retention rate. 


Looking for high quality professional lash extensions and lash glue can be difficult. There are so many brands out there. And prices between brands can be drastically different.

But the real key to finding what will work best for you comes with experience and trial and error. You'll start to know what good, high quality lash extensions look like, and what to look for in high quality professional lash glues.

I spent many hours using different products, and decided that I wanted to fill a niche in this industry: selling high quality professional lash extensions and lash glue at low prices. This is stuff I use on a daily basis.

My clients love how they can have three weeks between lash extension fills, and they are still looking fantastic.

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