Da Bomb Lash Adhesive - Instant Eyelash Extension Glue (.5s)

Da Bomb Lash Adhesive - Instant Eyelash Extension Glue (.5s)

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Da Bomb Lash Adhesive: Ultra-Fast & Long-Lasting

Unleash the full potential of your lash artistry with Da Bomb Lash Adhesive – our quickest-setting professional eyelash extension glue, boasting an unparalleled dry time of just 0.5 seconds. This advanced formula ensures a robust bond, promising an impressive retention period of over 8 weeks when applied correctly. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and quality, with minimal fumes and optimal flexibility, tailored for both advanced volume and mega volume lash extensions.

Note: This lash glue is meant to be used by eyelash extension professionals only.

Key Benefits:

  • Exceptional Retention: Up to 8+ weeks, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups.
  • Rapid Dry Time: Achieves full adhesion in just 0.5 seconds, enhancing your application speed.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of techniques, from pre-made fans to classic lashes.
  • Optimized Formula: Designed to perform best in 20%-70% humidity, ensuring reliable results across varied environments.
  • Professional Grade: Crafted for use by expert lash technicians, ensuring safe and stunning outcomes.

Product Specifications:

  • Retention: 8+ weeks, with optimal adhesion in recommended humidity levels.
  • Viscosity: Thin
  • Color: Black
  • Fumes: Minimal
  • Flexibility: Maintains lash integrity with a flexible bond.
  • Humidity & Dry Time Compatibility:
    • 60-75%: Not Recommended
    • 40-60%: Immediate adhesion
    • 30-40%: 0.3 Seconds
    • Below 30%: 0.5 Second
  • Shelf Life: 30 days opened, 10 months unopened
  • Volume: 5ml

For best results, prepare lashes thoroughly before application, starting with a deep cleanse using our Foaming Lash Wash, priming with EvLo Lash Primer, and securing the bond with EvLo Lash Bonder to extend wear time.

Elevate your lash extensions with Da Bomb Lash Adhesive – where speed meets longevity.

Need a slower adhesive?


We want to emphasize that the use of eyelash extension glue carries inherent risks. We are not liable for any adverse reactions or side effects that may result from using our eyelash extension glue or any associated products. Proper application of eyelash extension glue requires training; we are not responsible for misuse or mishandling.