How to get started doing Mega Volume Lashes

Mega Volume lashes is an advanced eyelash extension technique that allows you to use 10-25 extensions in each fan. At first glance, it might seem impossible to do, but getting to the point of being able to do mega volume lashes isn't as difficult as it seems.

Or maybe you are just starting your eyelash extension career, but are interested in learning how to apply mega volume extensions.

My hope for this article is that it gives you the basics to start your mega volume journey!

How To Get Started Doing Mega Volume Lashes

Getting the Proper License

Check your regulations in your state, but typically in order to apply professional lashes you need to be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. In some states they have a specific lash technician license. But it can vary from state to state.

Having a proper license allows you to:

  1. Legally work on clients.
  2. Understand sanitation practices to help prevent the spread of diseases and infections. 

You must have the proper license in order to apply professional eyelash extensions, which is based on your state.

If you don’t meet the license requirements, the first step becomes attaining that license. You might end up having to enroll into a cosmetology school to get what you need.

As part of the process in getting the necessary license in your state (if it has that requirement), they “might” provide some courses specific to eyelash extensions. But sometimes these only give the basics, without much real world training. This is where getting lash extension certifications, in addition to your license, can be helpful.

Getting Licensed vs. Eyelash Extension Certification

Getting certified is different from being licensed.

  • Licensed: This means you can legally apply lash extensions.
  • Eyelash Extension Certification: This is more about in depth eyelash extension training.

Having a lash certification does not mean it is legal for you to apply eyelash extensions to customers.

Most states do not regulate eyelash extension certification courses or training. And since they are not regulated, this means the quality and consistency of each course/class can vary greatly!

I can’t stress this enough, but just because you take a lash course, does not mean you can legally apply lash extensions to clients!

But with that said, taking eyelash extension courses can provide valuable knowledge and experience, and I recommend taking at least one high quality lash course to get you started.

Lash Extension Training

If you are a hands on person, or you would like the certification, I say go for it and take a lash training course. But, do you need a certificate to do mega volume lashes? No. You do not need a certificate to do mega volume. You can try and learn how to do fans on your own.

In fact, mega volume is really an "advanced volume technique". Once you learn and understand how to do volume lashes, it makes it easier to jump to mega volume.

For some, a class is necessary to show you how to hold your tweezers, how to pick up your lashes and how to place the fans, as well as learning mega volume theory so you can help keep the natural lashes healthy. 

And this is where the true value of getting lash certified comes in: it teaches you things that will be hard to learn on your own, without someone showing you in person.

If you find yourself struggling in understanding and implementing the techniques required to do mega volume, I recommend taking a mega volume course. Or you might decide to take a class if your past training didn’t go through theory to help you with mapping, retention, or other theory lessons.

Mega Volume is an Advanced Lashing Technique

To start doing Mega Volume lashes, you really need to have experience applying Classic and Volume lashes.

This is because the techniques in applying lashes become more advanced and complex as you go from Classic to Volume, and then Volume to Mega Volume.

So with that in mind, some lash artists find it helpful to take lash course or get certifications in the following order, in addition to building up their overral lashing experience.

  • Classic lash certification + experience
  • Volume lash certification + experience
  • Mega Volume lash certification + experience

Especially if you want to start doing Mega Volume quickly, taking specific lash courses on each technique can speed up the learning process dramatically.

If you struggle with applying volume lashes, you will most likely also struggle with doing mega volume.

Personally I’ve taken multiple certifications and it has helped me tremendously with classic and volume lashes. But most of my learning how to do mega volume has been on my own.

Recommended Tools to Do Mega Volume

Having the proper lash supplies can help reduce the learning curve, as they can make it easier to apply proper techniques to start mastering your craft.

Here are some things I recommend investing in to help your mega volume lashing career. 


One thing you will learn as you get more experience: the quality of tweezers you use can have a massive impact on your application quality and speed. 

If the lashes aren’t able to be completely grasped by the tweezers, it will take longer to create your fans and apply your lashes. Not all tweezers that work for one person will work for another. It will take trial and error to see what kinds of tweezers you will like, as there are multiple types that will work. Whether it is a boot, a hook, a 90*, a crane, etc.

If you see that the tweezers are hand tested for mega volume technique, that is a huge step towards a good mega volume tweezer. When the tweezers are manufactured they are looking at the general quality of the tweezer and symmetry, and are not considering if the tweezer will grab super fine lash fibers effortlessly. Hand testing will weed out the bad tweezers in their inventory versus the good. Typically hand tested tweezers are more expensive, but you get your money’s worth when you don’t have to guess if it will actually work for you. 

Another thing you have to take into consideration when selecting tweezers is your fan making type. Are you a pincher, a bouquet technique, lonely fan, or glue cup method? Some tweezers will be better for some techniques and not others. Also, how do you grasp the tweezer? Do you use just your pointer and thumb? Or do you grasp using your thumb, pointer, middle (and maybe your ring finger too)?

The physics changes how the tweezer will work depending on how you grasp your tweezer. I highly recommend using the thumb, pointer and at least the middle finger to hold your application tweezer. Some lash artists will also recommend using your ring finger. You will have to play around with what feels right for you and if it works for the tweezers you are using.

Applying mega volume lash extensions

Once you find the right tweezers for your setup, you will want to make sure you have extras on hand. That’s because if you accidentally drop the tweezers or if they get damaged, that can mess up their effectiveness right away and you will want to replace them immediately.

Here are a few brands of tweezers I recommend:

Lash Adhesive

Choosing the right lash adhesive can help you master your mega volume technique, but choosing the wrong lash glue can turn a lash appointment into a nightmare.

You probably already noticed the large quantity of different types of lash glues out there. Just note that not all of them are suitable for applying mega volume lashes. Some lash glues have a thinner viscosity, and while a thin viscosity is not a bad thing, it can wick up your lash base and close your lash fan. Alternatively some glues have a thicker viscosity and you can get too much adhesive on your fan when you dip causing you to get stickies too much or having a very slow dry time. 


So how do you choose the right eyelash extension glue? Find a reputable company that has lash glues that are for the technique you are trying, whether it is mega volume, volume, or classic. Find one with a fast dry time, but not too quick for your lashing environment or technique. If the lash adhesive dries too fast, you won't be able to wrap the base of the fan causing the lash fan to come off quicker resulting in a retention issue. Too slow and you might cause your lashes to stick together or come off because it is not dry yet when you go back to lash in the same area, isolating and causing the lash to either fully or partially come off of the natural lash.

Find a lash adhesive with a 8+ week retention rate. If you have ever wondered what it means if a lash adhesive has a retention rate of 4-5 weeks vs 8+ weeks, wonder no longer! What it means is that your adhesive will work for that many weeks before it stops working by prematurely letting go. Your lashes will start to fall out without a lash attached to it. So a 4-5 week retention most likely won't last until some of the lashes naturally shed. This will cause your clients to come in with more fallout than you intend. With an 8+ week retention, that adhesive is tested to work for 8 or more weeks, or the lifespan of the lash. Meaning, when the lash is set to shed, that is when the lash extension will come out. This is where you will find your maximum retention rate. Better lash retention = Better client retention.

In other words, I recommend using glues that have a retention rate of 8+ weeks.

At EvLo Lash Co, we have several high quality glue options at reasonable prices:

Eyelash Extensions

If you don’t use high quality mega volume lashes, this will have a negative effect on the overall look and durability of your fans.

In testing various brands when I first began doing lashes I found some lashes would straighten over time. Some lashes were overpriced, while others had great value but the base of the lashes were attached, making the base of my fans to be boxy (and I am not talking about easy fans, where that certainly will cause the lash fans to be boxy).

Finding lashes that will help you make lash fans effortlessly will affect your lashing speed and, in some cases, your lash retention. Having lashes that are stuck at the base will make it so you can’t wrap the base of your lashes onto the natural lash, and in turn the lash can fall off the natural lash easier and sooner than you want.

With a wrapped base your lash fan will stay attached through even the most vigorous of lifestyles or sleeping. In other words, finding lashes that don’t have attached bases is critical. This isn’t necessarily signified on the description or classification, rather you will experience this in trial and error of trying a new product. 

With the EvLo Lash Extensions, the Velvet Noir mega volume lashes have this soft base that will allow you to create lash fans effortlessly, this was a key component when testing lashes.

Mega Volume Lash Fans

Aside from recommended lashing tools, the recommended course of action is learning how to create mega lash fans. Creating mega volume lash fans is most of the battle with mega volume lashing. There are several ways to create mega volume fans. There is no right option in making mega volume fans, but finding the best one for you is essential. There are 4 different ways to make mega volume lash fans which include the following: 

Pinching Method


Flower Bouquet Method


Lonely Fan Method


Glue Cup Method


Mastering these fanning methods will help you with your lashing speed and mapping symmetry. Watching videos and practicing is one way to do this. If you are unable to get the hang of making lash fans with trial and error on your own, an in person certification training is helpful.

I hope this article helped you on your path in getting started doing mega volume lashes!

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